Location - Donoussa - "Aposperitis"

     Donousa Geography

     Donoussa belong in East Cyclades and is located about 13 nmi north of Amorgos and 8 nmi east of the island of Naxos. The area is 13.75 km² and is comprised of hills, rocks and some bushes. It has a diameter of 5 km with the highest point being 363 metres and with only 183 inhabitants. Donoussa has a small port at Stavros, its main settlement, having ferry routes to Naxos, Amorgos and Piraeus.

      Aposperitis (location)


     Just a few metres from the harbour and precisely in the middle of the beautiful beach of Stavros, you will meet our familial enterprise "Aposperitis". Our lodging is constituted by double/twins rooms and apartments (with two rooms). You will find us open all the year round.




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